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Latest News

Now using the brand new Wella colours Illumina.

up to 70% more light reflection

The superior hair protection

Thanks to Microlight technology

See it , Feel it , Believe it…

Joewell Cobalt Convex are the highest quality scissors for the top class professional stylists, these scissors are made from cobalt steel for the highest performance. Each pair is tried and tested for quality by the Joewell Japanese expert team.
The convex blades, with their razor sharpness, are perfect for slicing and accurate cutting, and the tension-adjustable screw gives a stylist a perfect control of the tension, allowing the stylist to set it to the desired level. Super oil polymer is used on the pivot point making opening and closing the blades gorgeously smooth.

State Registered Senior Hairdresser!

What does it mean?

Official recognition under the law: the Hairdressers Registration Act..

NVQ Level 3 with a proven track record of actively working as a professional hairdresser for at least nine years.

Attending a reception in the House of Commons to meet the politicians, industry figures and celebrity stylists.

From the Hairdressing Council:

“In a far from ideal position. Choosing a practitioner in any unregulated industry is tricky;  While many consumers no doubt chance upon good stylists, others stray into the hands of incompetent operators and have experiences ranging from overpriced and unsatisfactory services to damaged hair and even injured scalp and facial tissue.

Of course not every unregistered hairdresser will be unqualified or incompetent, far from it. However, while state registered means officially approved, unregistered may mean competent, incompetent or disastrous. Why take that risk?

A final thought on picking a stylist. Given a choice, who would choose an unregistered rather than a state registered osteopath, an unregistered rather than a state registered chiropodist? The same choice is available to you in choosing a hairdresser.

How do I recognise a State Registered Hairdresser?

Every SRH has a document, possibly displayed on the salon wall, certifying they are qualified under the Hairdressers Registration Act to practise. Freelance mobile SRHs will carry official ID from the Hairdressing Council. Remember it's individual hairdressers - not salons - who are registered. Salons are fixtures, the people practising in them come and go. While at hairdressers in Milton Keynes Be sure the person treating your hair is a Sate Registered Hairdresser.”

The mobile-friendly version of the website is up and running. Access from your smartphone.

With the rapid and sustainable advancements in mobile device technology and rapid growth of smart phones in the consumer market, more and more potential customers are searching for businesses from their mobile phones already.

How is a mobile website different from what you already have? The simple answer is… a website that will display correctly on a mobile device. In order to achieve a website that will render on these smaller screen mobile devices a new version of the current website will display the most relevant pages to the mobile visitors. Having the new mobile website will allow my pages to load much quicker and also be indexed in the new mobile search engines. Normal websites don’t look right on a phone. The buttons are tiny. The text is unreadable. Big fingers have trouble. Its not easy. My new mobile website works perfectly on every mobile device and also provides a very convenient menu form touch screen mobile devices which makes it extremely efficient and significantly improves user experience. The new click to call technology is now available on the mobile website which was developed exclusively for smart phones and mobile websites so visitors could easily make a phone call or send a message directly from their mobile website.

Have you tried using LED lighting yet?

I have recently replaced my traditional halogen light sources with LED retrofits and found it amazing. I now consume 10 times less energy and probably will not need to replace them again for at least another 10 years since LED lamps last far longer.

Most importantly I now have proper quality light with high colour rendering which is going to have an impact also on my work quality especially when colouring. The proper white light helps achieving the right hair colour and highlights as the lighting now has true white light.

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New 6 Illumina shades are now available!

The new members of Wella Illumina hair colour portfolio consisting of two warm soft blondes, two cool browns, and two cool crisp blondes. Illumina Color contains microlight technology, which surrounds the copper on the hair so it does not interfere with colour development, and provides cuticle protection. Illumina Color is designed to provide light reflection, hair protection and provide grey coverage,Including cool blondes and brunettes.

This season's beauty must-haves!

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