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The Art of looking younger

Absolutely not matter how old you are the desire to look young is significant to all women. With age, the thought of how to achieve this, visits us more often. I offer you a fresh look at this problem, without drama and overspending, but with ease and pleasure.

The art of Razors

If you are after an edgier look, consider a hair style that is done using razors.  This tool creates a sharp edge and a layered look that is sure to capture anyone's attention.  It is the perfect way to achieve a unique hair style that is still flattering.  

I also utilize razors cutting or trimming to smooth out and remove thickness, which allows an effective hair forming and more natural hair looking. A properly worked hair subsequently shows a perfect shape after wash and enables to save time on blow dry and finish which is basically what a good hairdressing work is about.

Razor trimming is not only used for spiky hair styles, adding softness and natural hair texture of a razor haircut can create a professional blunted style

The Art of Hair drier

You want to change your appearance every day don’t you? But how can you do that? Of course I mean hair setting! Modern industry helps you modeling your hair almost with a single move.

The most popular tool for hair setting is of course hair drier. It may seem there is no much wisdom required to dry hair, however in order to create a beautiful hairstyle you need to know a few things. Hair gets set well when it is clean washed and had the right cut. At the completion of setting, a varnish or a spray is used to for the hair which gives a level of shine and style fixing.

So let’s talk a little bit about hair driers and their strength in hairdressing industry.

A professional hair dryer - it is an electrical device used for drying and styling hair in heavy use in professional hair salons Milton Keynes, and can also be recommended for use home use. An important difference between professional hair dryers and home use is that they can operate continuously for a very long time and normally they are more powerful as well.

Also, all of professional hair dryers have a built in thermal protection for overheating, which does not allow the dryer to power on, if it is still too hot for as long as it is needed to get it to its normal temperature. Thus, thermal protection greatly increases the life time of professional hair dryers.

Another feature supported by professional hair driers is the supplying of cold air. While setting or styling hair during the blow dry, you create the required shape and then switch the drier to the cooling mode to fix the result and make sure stays longer. The high temperature of the drier makes the hair supple and obedient and a jet of cold air allows achieving the desired hair shape fixed for a long time.

An extensive use of multiple air speed and heating values allows properly setting the required hair shape and is constantly used by hairdressers Milton Keynes.

In order to make sure your hair dryer works properly and benefit from its full power, it is essential to clean its filter at least once a month. The length of the power supply cable provided with professional hair dryers has to be at least 3 meters; this enables hairdressers Milton Keynes feeling free and comfortable when styling your hair.

I am using Paralux 3500 which is one of the most famous manufacturers. This model of professional hair dryers offers high performance and high power of 3500W, while keeping high reliability and low weight which allows good maneuvering for the professional blow drying allowing achieving the best result of hair styling.

Hair dryer trends

The technology doesn’t stop at high performance, long life time, low power consumption and light weight. There are a number of hair dryer manufacturers including Paralux who are not limited by hair drying and styling have defined their roadmap to include industry’s leading features such as ionisation and ozone property.

A built in Ozone feature allows splitting of water molecules by the supplied ozone on to very fine particles which penetrate into the hair and create the moisturizing effect on it. Thus hair does not get too dry, and becomes healthier. The time of styling is decreased as well. A fairy small amount of ozone which is emitted at the time of hair setting or blow dry, has a beneficial effect on the hair and its root system, significantly reduces hair loss. There is almost no electro static effect during the operation and the hair becomes soft, manageable and shiny and has a healthy appearance in the end.

The other innovation is based on hair dryers with ionisation feature. These hair dryers have a special built-in device for discharging the negatively charged ions that reduce the effect of static electricity as well as the effect of high temperatures and stress. Thus hair becomes healthier and get dry and styled quicker.

Hair Colour Products

Working on your new appearance I only use top quality hair colour products from the high quality brands you know and trust. These hair colour products are internationally recognized hair dyes with a very rich colour palette, the best materials for perms and hair straightening, laying tools with special effects.

Hair colouring has never reached such a technical level. There is nothing easier today than temporarily making highlights and making a new hair colour more permanent.


“If you can imagine it, you can create it…”

Koleston Perfect

Elgon - means creativeness and energy

“Make the colour last longer ”

Elgon Professional

Hair colour Professional colouring
Hairdresser scissors

The art of scissors

Hair styles created with scissors are typically the most traditional. However, many distinct looks can be created this way. The precise control that a professional hairdressing scissor provides in skilled hands allows for a wide variety of styles.

Scissors are called the continuation of the hands of the stylist!

And it is not given to argue about! Indeed, for hairdressers Milton Keynes, scissors is the principal instrument and is the most powerful hairdressing tool.

However, an increasing number of new techniques are developed every year in the world, and here in the United Kingdom, where the use of scissors for haircuts is considerably limited.

For example, there are quite a few hair salons in England where the use of scissors is minimal, and all the hair cutting work is performed only using electrical clippers. And this is not about reducing the price of service. The fact is that some modern hair clippers are quite capable of successfully solving the most unexpected and creative tasks on the hair of any length, and sometimes even faster than using the classic tool scissors. This technique doesn’t only have the right to exist, but is actually quite popular already among many hairdressers. Thus, without loss of interest and certain originality in the use of these tools, I admit that hairdressers Milton Keynes remain scissors followers and therefore are in a constant search for new models and new brands, trying to find the perfect scissors which would meet the most demanding and often quite individual requirements.


I am using one of the industry’s best Joewell scissors.

This brand is called "working" as it is well established among hairdressers as the result of the increased durability and ergonomics (ease of holding at the process of hair cutting). Joewell scissors is a hairdressing tool for top class professionals and according to experts, it is number 1 in Japan, USA and Canada. It is recognised by the hairdressers around the world as the best Japanese brand of scissors for cutting hair.

One of the key benefits of the scissors is the fact that the blade is flat and easy, which enables fairly rapid movements at work.

Joewell Cobalt Convex are the highest quality scissors for the top class professional stylists, these scissors are made from cobalt steel for the highest performance.

The peculiarity of the Japanese manufacturing process is that virtually all operations are carried out manually. This ensures strict control and quality on every minor operation. In addition, Japanese steel known well for its best quality. Quite a few European manufacturers use Japanese steel for their products to improve the quality. Japanese have quite thick and hash hair, therefore Japanese manufacturers have increased demands for high quality. And of course the quality of ancient Samurai swords is not forgotten.

Each pair is tried and tested for quality by the Joewell Japanese expert team.
The convex blades, with their razor sharpness, are perfect for slicing and accurate cutting, and the tension-adjustable screw gives a stylist a perfect control of the tension, allowing the stylist to set it to the desired level. Super oil polymer is used on the pivot point making opening and closing the blades gorgeously smooth.

The cutting edge is made with a very sharp blade and is designed to achieve a soft cutoff.

Convex Pro Blade technology allows sharpening the cutting edges at different angles when working with scissors so the hair will not "turn aside" from the blade. It allows for easy, smooth and sharp slice, suitable for all kind of techniques of hair cutting.

Joewell scissors is the end result of numerous reviews by hairdressers and a research of their needs.

Professional high quality scissors like this enable the stylist to achieve high quality results           allowing creative haircuts and styles done in practice.

Hair Design Tools

In the early days an old hair salon (barber shop), could be recognised by the shield with the crossed scissors and comb depicted on it. These were the most ancient and most important hairdressing tools. Since then, there have been many more hairdressing tools, but the original have still remained.

Like any other activity, hairdressing is moving forward. With the development of hairdressing technologies, hairdressing tools are constantly improving and even innovative solutions appearing as well.