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Hair Colouring

Hair colouring is an art requiring a combination of real talent and advanced technologies.

If you can choose the music in the mood, dress, depending on the feeling and the weather forecast, means you should also be able changing the hair colour in terms of dictates of your soul.

Hair colouring is a difficult, but at the same time, a fascinating creative process, allowing completely changing your appearance in a short time, keeping up spirits and giving confidence. I will be able to offer you a variety of different techniques of colouring hair according to the latest trends in the fashion world.

If you wish to freshen up your hair colour or change the hair colour completely, I am pleased to offer you the latest trends in hair colouring techniques, using the best hair colour suppliers.

All your hair colour wishes can become a reality. Rich, saturated and persistent hair colour, in possession of the dazzling hair shine and 100% coverage of gray hair.

It is very important to make sure growing lightened hair looks natural and does not require constant colour correction. New technologies and modern bleaching facilities like Wella and Elgon allow bleaching strands quickly and qualitatively.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with hair colours. Only then you would be able to select the right hair colour and look effectively beautiful.

Hair Colour Correction

By aspiration for the beauty at any price, mistakes are inevitable. If you have had your hair coloured, but wish to restore your natural hair colour and tone, you’d better get consulted with a professional hairdresser. It is necessary to bleach the hair coloured with a darker than natural hair colour until you are able to see the desired colour. In order to restore the original colour of the previously bleached hair, you need to restore its colour and tint it. To achieve the desired result is likely to be only in a hair salon, where a professional hairdresser has all the required resources and skills.

Highlights and lowlights

Hair highlighting allows emphasizing the fashionable haircut

and give an accent to a hairstyle.

It is believed that hair monotony looks dull and conceals even your explicit advantages, instead of highlighting them. Therefore, hairdressers Milton Keynes offer playing with hues and shadows, especially if you have dark hair.
Similarly nice
highlights look on bright hair. All the same blonde, but with strands of other hues, and it is worth to note, a complex combination of several of similar palette of tints and colours. Especially beautiful it is obtained on the long straight hair. And strands to weave can be both very thin and very wide, and may even change their color over one long strand. It also should be noted that both warm and soft as well as natural and native hues are used in highlights. And that king of highlights does not only look feminine, but also elegant.

Today, not only lighter highlighting is possible but also darker shades than you natural hair colour, which makes the process of growing your roots more estetical.

Another undoubted advantage of highlights is the absence of sharp transition between growing roots and the highlighted part, unlike in full hair colouring.

Hair highlighting, as a method of adding multi colour emphasis, became fashionable part of hair styling over 10 years ago, does not loose it’s popularity still even today. There are different approaches for achieving hair highlights to be applied for different types of hair. For example, the classical approach is using Cap Highlights using a special hat. This method is used for a short hair. It would be far more difficult to apply the Cap highlights method for a long hair. Although this is a fast and cheap solution, I prefer utilizing this method as less as I can and only apply the Cap highlights in very rare circumstances when the hair is really short. The reason is the result is not as good as using other methods. I normally use foil highlights which allows applying many different colours. The hairdressing skills are very important here because every small mistake can damage the whole work very easy. Although this method is more expensive and takes longer to do, the key advantages I find are increased options for colour creativity and experiments with hues as well as enables achieving a better result. Another important aspect of using foils is colouring any length of a lock without touching the rest of hair. Foil highlights technique has come from the West originally and is becoming more and more popular in the recent years.

 Do not try it yourself!

You can certainly try making highlights yourself at home, perhaps you have all the good will, however in my experience in the majority of cases, ladies come to a professional hairdresser for repairing the disaster which was a result of DIY. It is definitely a better choice of letting a professional hairdresser doing this for you right from the beginning, saving you money, time and hassle as well as letting you stay in a good mood from the start to the result. An experienced hair stylist will not only produce high quality and uniformity but will also help to select the right colour that will allow making your family and friends happy and cheering up yourself.

Look for hairdressers Milton Keynes if you are locally, also from Bedford, Northampton, Buckingham.

Highlights are recommended to coloured blonds who wish to get back their natural hair colour and also to those who are looking for hair colouring

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