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Eco friendly hair styling - My contribution to green environment

In addition to granting great feeling and beautiful haircuts to women in Milton Keynes, I take the environment in to consideration too.

It is not a secret for anyone that energy usage increases carbon emissions which effect climate change and global warming. Climate change is already happening and its impacts could, in the longer term, be critical. Greenhouse gas emissions have been increased globally in the second half of the twentieth century and they are still growing. Industrial energy prices have increased dramatically in the last few years making even more impact on their businesses. Energy consumption and even energy waste has a significant impact on Green environment, energy cost and battery longevity for portable electronic devices. To ensure that electrical and electronic devices are safe and have minimal impact on the environment, it is essential that ecological considerations are applied by hairdressers Milton Keynes and others. One of the ways to reduce the impact of energy on the environment and society is to consume ECO-friendly devices and to conserve power as much as possible.

 From the environmental impact reduction point of view I am constantly looking for the best solutions to help developing green environment and reduce carbon emissions. I am sure most of the hairdressers Milton Keynes also do not ignore this global issue, where one of the most common subjects for discussion in the industry at the moment is power consumption. Battery operated devices, such as blow dryers in my case and electrical rolls for making curls which I mostly use for bridal hairstyles in weddings and for Prom hairstyles for formal events; require electronics that are economical with power consumption while still providing high efficiency.

I always try to employ low power electronic devices for my work, making sure I consume as less power as possible while still achieving quality result without compensating any extra time. I also try using low power light sources where possible thus further contributing to reduce energy waste in lighting which actually consumes the largest part of electricity in general. I am using LED lighting in my hair salon which allows to dramatically reducing energy consumption in lighting as well as enjoying high colour rendering which is quite important for hairdressers as it directly impacts the work quality especially when colouring and doing highlights. High quality true white light helps achieving the right result in hair colouring and highlighting. Thanks to LED lighting technology which provides quality professional light and enables pleasant ambient condition by its high colour rendering index.

I only use green hair dies and hair colour products and sprays as well as organic shampoos from the best suppliers who produce their products in compliance to the green environment for organic hair care, trying to minimize toxic ingredients and to utilize more organic and natural substances. In addition, I recycle all of the shampoo, conditioner and other hair care  bottles as much as I can

Copyright 2010 Style by Lina. All Rights reserved