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              A brief history

Although Style by Lina has started its official operations recently it has already become a good source for referencing new styling and hair colouring techniques in hairdressing industry. The salon has become a real studio for creating new images and developing new unique styling techniques.

Before Style by Lina, Lina spent over 17 years in different hairdressing salons in different countries including Eastern Europe, Middle East and the UK, where she picked up various styling, cutting and colouring techniques and gained industry recognition.

Lina grew up in a hairdressing family, in the dynasty of hairdressers, her mum Nina Viner had been a hairdresser for over 45 years since she was 16. The hairdressing environment in which she grew up helped her picking up different haircut techniques from the early age.Hairdressing Awards

Style by Lina is a quality home hair salon in Milton Keynes that is committed to taking care of all of your haircutting and hairstyling needs.  Whether you are in need of a beautiful wedding hairstyle or else if you are searching for hairdressers Milton Keynes that can help you choose from a variety of the hottest haircuts, Style by Lina can provide it all at an affordable price.  

From Lina:

As a professional hairdresser being in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years, helping women to discover and highlight their beauty, working in a cross cultural environment with hair style experience in Eastern Europe and Middle East, where I gained powerful techniques for creation complex hair styles and dealing with difficult hair requiring in special approach in hair cutting, hairstyling and setting. I also spent 6 years in a Bridal Beauty Centre as a salon manager and as a Senior Creative Director, making hundreds of brides every month ready for their wedding. I can create a bridal hair style that will flatter you and compliment your dress for your big day. Also, I have experience with all different types of people and, therefore, can help you find the everyday hair style that works best for your own preferences and hair type.  

Every day I open the doors of my hair salon in Milton Keynes to grant ladies the pleasure of being beautiful. My home hairdressing salon in Milton Keynes is a real studio for creating new images and styles.

Day after day, my hair salon in Milton Keynes embodies the most cherished dreams!

Beauty will save the world, and my home hairdresser salon will help preserve and enhance the beauty!

You can feel confident knowing that you will be in the hands of а highly experienced hairdresser in Milton Keynes and will be receiving a qualitative haircut and hair colour at a reasonable rate.  

By applying my skills and talent as a hair stylist, I hope to expand my reputation as an affordable source to high quality hairdressing in Milton Keynes.

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Nina Viner

Hairdressing Awards 1970

Style by Lina is a style for longevity and natural looking hair

Style by Lina is a home hair salon in Milton Keynes delivering creative hair colouring with highlights as well as fashionable trendy haircuts and restyles.

Originally was founded by Lina in December 2009 who is known by her unique style of haircutting and hair colouring which allows for high quality result.

Style by Lina focuses on quality and its longevity as a priority.

From Lina: "To be beautiful and stylish every day, it is necessary feeling comfortable for a continuous period of time and not only on the day when you visit your hairdressers in Milton Keynes. My style will allow you to keep you hair shape for a durational period."

The art of hairdressing is not just art of creating haircuts or hair care. This art is of creating a harmonious image and style. The essential fundaments of hairdressing art are hair colour, hair form and hair size. All this data is important for creating an individual hair style and image, which I can help you to match with.

I will help you discover your individuality and create your own unique image, to recognize your own value and originality, to fill your life with love, success and happiness.

My goal is to deliver satisfaction to my clients, and as an experienced hairdresser I constructively approach my hairdressing work, enjoying improvising, creating and re-styling.

If you compare a bouquet of wild flowers and exquisite Orchid, you can say both are beautiful, but the natural beauty of flowers which is exquisitely decorated by an experienced hand, of course, provokes great admiration.

Style by Lina is the solution for those who first of all appreciate exclusivity, professionalism and individual attitude. My priority is to delivery quality hairdressing services.